Bloodborne – Ludwig’s Holy Blade

Sometimes I apparently like to torture myself by painting mostly white. Can’t be helped, when she’s wearing the White Church set. Did spice it up with a darker ‘black/grey’ than in the game. And also tweaked the colours of the sword sheathe a bit. Just to make it a bit more interesting. And all the dust and stuff, cause she’s been walking through the streets. Was halfway tempted to cover her in blood, as if she’d just kill a boss. But I think that would be a bit too much. Works in the video game. Not so much on the table. Not at my lvl of execution anyway.

Due to my poor photography skills, the details on the sheathe got somewhat lost. Tried to remedy that with this picture. Still not showing up quite as sharp as in RL.

Johannes, Uwe and some Dunkelshelf changes

Yeah, I know. Johannes is missing an arm (and a really nice torch, attached to that arm). I wanted to paint her sub-assembly style. So told myself, I’ll just put that arm right over there. Now, it’s not like the arm is missing. I mean…it’s right there. It’s just that I no longer remember where there is (to quote Terry Pratchet). Still, she’s such an amazing figure (look at those details, wow!), even without her arm. So decided to finish her. Right now I’m toying with the idea of either ordering an extra Johannes and get her, her arm. Or maybe green sculpt some bandages on her, to make it look like she’s simply missing that arm.

Uwe is pretty straight forward. But so much fun to paint. Wanted him colourful, but at the same time, his clothes shouldn’t look straight out the seamstress’ shop. The coulours are a little ‘washed out’ on the photo, making the cute seashells on his shoes blend in with his skintone. It’s a shame, cause in RL that detail is just perfect.

Got Hermans house painted up for the Dunkelshelf. And made some changes to the layout. That’s probably something I’ll do for as long as the shelf exists. Anyway, I moved the church into the background. Means you can no longer see the front door, where I liked some of the details. But you can see more of what’s going on back there, since it was blocking out a lot. Aaaaaand, I’m thinking with the church near the Prancing Peacock and the Dunkelshelf Slum area, the priests are where they’re needed (at least in their eyes). Sinners all around. Also added a walkway to the broken bridge. Like the feel of it being patched up like that. Moved the fountain to the front. Wanna play with some water effects on that one, so it would be a shame it was hidden in the background. And also now I have more space to play with the market area.

Paints used are Scale75 unless otherwise noted.

Skin: Basic Flesh, Flesh Wash (Army Painter), Pale Skin
Coat: Petroleum Grey, Dark Tone (Army Painter), Mojave White
Leather: Leather Brown, Basic Flesh, Mojave White, Petroleum Grey, Mid Brown (Army Painter)
Reds: Deep Red, Basic Flesh
Yellow Leather: Gelbraun Brown, Light one (Army Painter) x3, Birch
Feather: Thar Brown, Birch, Mojave White
Gold: Gold (Vallejo), Copper (Vallejo), Antique Gold (Green Stuff World)
Metai: Thrash Metal, Dark Tone (Army Painter), Heavy Metal
Wood: Walnut: Mid Brown (Army Painter), Graphite

Skin: Basic Flesh, Flesh Wash, Pale Skin
Shirt: Birch, White Sands
Trousers: Braineater Azure, Fairy Blood, Mojave White
Jacket: Deep Red, Basic Flesh, Birch, Health Red, Åetroleum Grey
Leather: Leather Brown, Basic Flesh, Mojave White, Petroleum Grey, Mid Brown (Army Painter)
Beard: Graphite, Dark Tone (Army Painter), Birch
Shell: Ishtar Pink, Light Tone (Army Painter), Birch
Bone: Thar Brown, Light Tone (Army Painter), Birch
Feathers: Surfer Orc Flesh, Undead Flesh, Tiamat Orange, Mediterranean Blue, Thar Brown, Birch, Mojave White
Gold: Gold (Vallejo), Copper (Vallejo), Antique Gold (Green Stuff World)
Metal: Thrash Metal, Dark Tone (Army Painter), Heavy Metal

Building the Palanquin

I couldn’t find any instruction files for building the Palanquin. It’s not that difficult really, but in case anyone can use it, here’s how I went about it.

A – The seat. Super simple, just glue A1 + A2 + A3 on top of each other. A1 and A2 align easily on top of each other. For A3, align it to the back, but so the little ‘tab’ is still free.

B – The frame I start by bending the lower part of B3. Doing this now will make your life so much easier later on.

Then I glue one of the sides to B3. Doesn’t really matter which one. Then follow up with the seat. Not much to note here, other than make sure the nicely detailed ‘cushion’ of the seat is up :). Last I add the other side of the frame.

D – Back details. Not entirely sure if this should be aligned with the seat or a little above. But I like it best down at the seat, so that’s what I did.

C – the bottom. Glue the two bottom pieces back to back, so the details are showing on both sides. This way, if you want to ‘topple over’ the palanquin, it will show some nice details on the bottom, while still retaining the same pretiness on the inside.

E – Front frame. Last piece of the frame. Just get the details on the front and you’re good.

F – Details. Again, super easy, barely an inconveinience. I added the two sides first, then the front and lastly the back. But honestly the order of which you do this doesn’t matter. I’m a little dissapointed the front doesn’t cover up where the frame has been glued together. So I think I’m gonna add a layer of plastic putty or something, to make it more smooth.

G – Handlebars. Glue two and two together, making sure any details are always on the outside, so they can be seen from any angle. I glued them on just below the window details. Didn’t want to cover that up. Again, not entirely sure that’s the right place. But it works for me.

H – the roof Last is the roof. I will carefully bend it into shape, but I won’t glue it on until the insides of the palanquin has been painted.

Hermans new home

Wasn’t happy with the two ‘pretty houses’ on my Dunkelshelf. And I needed the stairs down into the poor parts of my Dunkeldorf. So a quick shopping spree later

The two boring houses, that has now been torn down and the residents ‘relocated’ to make room for Hermans new home.

Due to the way the house is placed on the shelf, it’s kinda the more ‘boring’ side of the house that’s seen. Even once the ‘decorative cardstock’ is added, it still looks a little empty.

But one of the things I got in the Carnevale kickstarter was these extra windows. So I am adding one of these to the side (here it’s just attached with bluetack), to add more interest.

House in its place, but still without the cardstock details. Removing the two smaller houses also adds room for some more scatter pieces. I am considering a statue maybe.

Kingpin stretch goal: Jenny

The Kingpin kickstarter is going incredibly well, with so many stretch goals being unlocked super fast. Here I’ve painted one of the: Jenny, Lenny’s kid. She’s so cute, with that smirk on her face.  And teh fact that her pants are torn here and there, is such a great detail. Makes her feel so much more alive.

I’ve also painted some of the Dunkeldorf Botany pieces, but only used them as scatter pieces in these pictures. That said, It’s amazing how much some flower pots and bottles add to a scene.

Dunkeldorf Shelf: Above all else

Another of the ‘broken down’ buildings completed. No specific order I wanna do these in. This one was chose cause I wanted to use it for some of the Kingpin kickstarter pictures. Added one of the lanterns from teh Dunkeldorf 2 kickstarter.

Love this little terrace. Decided the window here was never in use, so vines has been ‘allowed’ to grow over the door.

I’ve raised the ‘better parts’ of the city. Wanting to give off the impression that the rich and mighty really do look down on the poor. Gonna replace the ‘bottom layer’ with foam later on. Wanna make it look like rough stones with a sewer pipe sticking out somewhere. But that is a project far into the future.

The newly finished building in it’s environment.

Turning this area into a market place. The walls ‘shielding’ the customers from the ‘dirt’ below. Stairs leading down will be added at a later point. And probably have a Dunkeldorf guard on watch duty just about there at all times.

I’m already regretting this, but I’ve also started to add ‘scatter’ pieces all over. To make it all come alive. It does make it a bit of a pain every time I want to do changes. But I don’t think this project will ever really be finished, and in the mean time it might as well look as fun and interesting as possible.

The Kingpin of Dunkeldorf

The third kickstarter for Dunkeldorf is ongoing as I write this, and I’ve been gifted some of the amazing minies for this one. Now I’m a huge Dunkeldorf (and Kinggames) fan, but I truly think Nana and Nicki have outdone themselves this time. Every detail is cared for. Every figure having a ‘place’ in the universe. So great to see the people behind this moving from strength to strength.

I’ve been gifted with some of this kickstarters characters. And once again, they’ve been a pure joy to paint. From Sven’s facial expression, Lenny’s ‘casual’ pose, Barik’s amazing tummy to Mariks fierce smirk and Claudia’s beutiful crossbow. I’m in love ❤ And not sure I can ever do these beautiful characters justice. But that does not diminish my joy of painting them 🙂

Project Dunkeldorf Shelf

I have a lot of Carnevale stuff. Like A lot a lot! But I never play Carnevale, so it’s just ‘there’. All glued together in boxes, unused and unloved.
I also have a lot of Dunkeldorf stuff. Like A lot a lot! But I don’t use minies in my rpg games, and I don’t have a skirmish game for them. So they’re in boxes, unused and unloved.

Which I think is quite silly.

So, introducing Project Dunkeldorf Shelf. Cleared out a whole shelf of board games, and started building a part of Dunkeldorf, Venetian Edition. I kinda like it. While I would have preferred the medieval look for the Dunkeldorfians, I think this actually works now.

Clearly it’s very much a work in progress. And it’s already changed from when I took these pictures, to writing this text. Parts of the town has been raised, buildings moved etc. And a short shopping list has been compiled (cause off course I have to go shopping for more stuff, like I wasn’t already drowning in mdf buildings).

Long term I wanna raise the entire city somewhat, have big sewer pipes coming out from under the city, spilling water into the canal. I want at least one of those to be big enough for some daylight-avoiding characters to lurk in.

I want some light above the town. Thinking adding some LED’s to the shelf above. And get a print somehow, of a background, to blend it in more. So it’s not just a ‘city on a shelf’.

The two ‘pretty buildings’ to the right will be changed for at least one nice big one, to be Herman’s residency. Stairs going from the various levels (now that part of the town is raised). Maybe some stairs leading down into the water perhaps.

The corner building in the back right is gonna be the Prancing Peacock. Since it has that big open ‘serving window’, I want the inside to be decorated with furniture and people too.

So not gonna get bored anytime soon, considering only one building so far has been painted 😀

Summer Vacation Linus

I love and adore Linus. And not just because he bears my name. I seriously love the figure in and off itself. So I might have bought quite a few of him. And while he looks absolutely stunning in his original form, here’s the guy going off on summer vacation. Even servants need a little time off now and then.

And not only is he standing there, enjoying the soft cool breeze, drinking something alcoholic. He is also waiting for his date to show……

Didn’t do much to him really. Sculpted a hat out of green stuff, cut off the candle and glued on a tiny glass. Which has broken off so many times it now sits wonky. But I’m putting that down to Linus being drunk. Lastly I drilled away the keys, and added some flowers. Pretty pleased with how he ended up. Quite annoyed with hos difficult it was to take a picture of his face. Think the shadows from the hat just completely messed up my phones capabilities to do a decent job.

Also, yes, it is fully intentional that he has a quite unhealthy skin tone. He’s slowly developing a background story here, and that plays a part of it.