Hermans new home

Wasn’t happy with the two ‘pretty houses’ on my Dunkelshelf. And I needed the stairs down into the poor parts of my Dunkeldorf. So a quick shopping spree later

The two boring houses, that has now been torn down and the residents ‘relocated’ to make room for Hermans new home.

Due to the way the house is placed on the shelf, it’s kinda the more ‘boring’ side of the house that’s seen. Even once the ‘decorative cardstock’ is added, it still looks a little empty.

But one of the things I got in the Carnevale kickstarter was these extra windows. So I am adding one of these to the side (here it’s just attached with bluetack), to add more interest.

House in its place, but still without the cardstock details. Removing the two smaller houses also adds room for some more scatter pieces. I am considering a statue maybe.

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