I’m not as think as you drunk I am

Some more Gangs of Dunkeldorf playtesting. Still using the combined Gangs of Rome and Gangs of the Under City rules, but tweaking them to give a better feel for Dunkeldorf. I really want it to be easy to just setup and play a random game, or go all in and play a campaign. So a lot of my focus is on just that.

Still a lot of painting to get done. And some more shopping. But currently I am working on getting the mob bases done in my hobby time. The mobs are just such a wonderful mechanic from Gangs of Rome, and in both games, they ended up telling a narrative all of their own.

One of the mob bases I decided should have a ‘tavern/drunk/ theme. And yes, it is silly they’re dragging their bench and chairs all over town. But on the other hand, I can see a group of people deciding to just go all in on the drinking anywhere in Dunkeldorf. And during the games they just kept running back and forth between the same two houses, like drunk people who can’t find their way home. Perfect.

I’m gonna hunker down and get the rule and item changes written up, so I can get some more playtesting done, before I start working on the scenarios. So it’ll probably be a while before a full on Battle Report shows up here

Herman and Erhardt above, having a serious discussion with Barik, Lenny and heavily disguised Sven (he fell on the floor, so we used Gunther as a quick substitute until I can glue him back together again.) Lenny got killed dead by the invisible mob in the background. Seriously love how you have to not only beware of the ‘enemy’, but the city itself.

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