When in doubt, jump into the canal

Quite a few weeks ago I got some more Gangs of Dunkeldorf playtesting on the table. Just haven’t had the time to post about it until now. As always, the drunken mob didn’t dissapoint. First turn, first go and they went straight into the canal, and stayed there for the rest of the game. Drunkely going back and forth, wondering why their pants were wet.

Have the gangs down, so this time my opponent got to choose who he wanted in his gang, instead of an already pre made gang. And I had prepared two deck of items, so there were options there as well.

Two of the mob bases have been finished as well. More detailed pictures in a second post I think. So not to flood this one.

We also got to play with pets. My opponent had brought his lovely Battle Chicken. I feel the pet system if probably where I’ll be deviating the most from Gangs of Rome.

And I had to document this crazy roll for all times. Think I used up 4 years of luck right there.

2 thoughts on “When in doubt, jump into the canal”

  1. Lovely. Can you tell me some more about the card you use for your figures. What kind of information do you put on it. I’m trying to create a solo journaling play for my smuglers diorama.


    1. Thank you 🙂 I am using the same system as Gangs of Rome. So health, attack, agility and defense. And then they all have 1 special ability drawn from a finite list of abilities. So some characters will have the same special ability. I’d rather have 10 well thought through abilities than a 100 unique ones that can really skew the balance.


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