Epic Hector from Archon Studios’ LOAD

This mini took me an amazingly long time to paint. Much longer than I would have expected. So many details. And me going mental and deciding to try and do some kind of lava/fire skin for the doggo. That said, I do really like the end project. Even if it ended up getting a bit rushed in the end, cause I just wanted this thing done.

Paints are Scale75 unless otherwise noted:

Purple: Elendil Violet, Braineater Azure, Miskatonic Grey
Skin: Basic Flesh, Reikland Fleshshade (GW), Basic Flesh + Birch
Eyes: Petroleum Grey, Birch, Flat Black
Hair: Rainy Greym Nuln Oil (GW), Rainy Grey + Moonray Flesh, Moonray Flesh
Grey Cloth: Petroleum Grey, Flat Black, Birch
Bottle Leather: Walnut, Black Leather, Flat Black, Birch
Bottle Glass: Adriatic Blue, Artic Blue, White
Green Liquid: Ardennes Green, Sherwood Green, White
Rope: Birch, Seraphim Sepia
Skull: Pale Skin, Light Tone (AP), Strong Tone (AP), Pale Skin, White, Purple Tone (AP)
Shoulderpads: Rough Iron (AP), Dark Tone (AP), True Copper (AP), Bright Gold (AP)
Leather: Dark Brown Ochre (Scale’s Artist), Yellow Ochre (Scale’s Artist)
Ravens: Petroleum Grey, Dark Tone (AP), Petroleum Grey + Pale Skin
Dog: SS Dunkelgelb, Blood Red, Aldebaran Red, Mars Orange, Soll Yellow, White
Wood: White: Walnut, Sandalwood, Black Leather, Birch