Torvald the Tenacious

The last of the gorgeous trolls/ogres Gerry sent me (thank you Gerr <3), has been dressed. There’s no rhyme or reason as to why this one was last. Just like the others, he has blown me away with the amount of details and character sculpted into him. Such a pleasure to paint from start to finish.

It seems like I am trying out something new with each of them. And with this one, I’ve been using the Scale Artist colors for the first time. I really like them. They will definitely be part of my go to paints. What I don’t like so much about them is storing them. I am gonna build some kind of ‘pull out’ mechanism under my table, much like you had for keyboards in older times. For now they’ve been chucked down a plastic container, hanging of one of my Raskog paint stations.

These are the paints I’ve used:
Skin: Golden Skin + Olive Green, Golden Skin, Golden Skin + Vanilla White, Light Skin + Vanilla White
Pants: Art Black, Art White
Stitches: Dark Brown Ochre, Raw Sienna, Vanilla White
Reds: Crimson, Dark Brown Ochre, Naples Yellow
Leather items: Dark Brown Ochre, Yellow Ochre
Bagpack: Buff, Wood, Earth Green, Art White
Drum: Orange, Naples Yellow, Buff, Art White
Wood: Pearl Grey, Inktense Wood, Pearl Grey

Metals are Scalecolor Black Metal, GWs Nuln Oil, Scalecolors Heavy Metal, GWs Retributor Armor and GWs Reikland Flesh

Theodore the Timid Troll

This guy. Wow! I think I’m in love ❤ Just a little bit. Cause I loved painting him from start to finish. Not a single area I didn’t enjoy. And he just looks so dashing 😀 Even a little shy. Like he just walked out of his cave, smiling a little timidly.

His fur is inspired by some of the Taurens in WoW. I like that it’s patterned and not all one color.

As always, mostly Scale75 paints. Will note when it’s not.

Light fur: Birch, Seraphim Sepia(GW), Birch
Dark Fur: Rotbraun Primer Red, Nuln Oil(GW), Rotbraun Primer Red, Mard Orange
Skin: Ressurection Flesh, Ressurection Flesh + Abyssal Blue, Ressurection Flesh + Moonray Flesh
Nails/Teeth: Sand Yellow, Agrax Earthshade(GW), Nuln Oil(GW), Birch
Bone: Moonray Flesh, Seraphim Sepia(GW), Moonray Flesh, White(Shmincke)
Eyes: Birch, Antares Red, Ardennes Green, Ardennes Green + Abyssal Blue, Sherwood Green, Birch, Flat Black
Boils, Carroburg Crimson, Moonray Flesh

Tim the Troll Teacher

So I’ve gone bat shit crazy and decided to use only 5 colors, painting this one. Antares Red, Sol Yellow, Mediterranean Blue, Flat Black and White. In truth, it’s time I get a better grip on mixing colors, and thought this guy was perfect for the job. He’s grumpy enough to not care about colors anyway ❤


All done. First off, fantastic model. I really enjoyed painting him. Very sharp details, and lots of them.

Using only primary colors, taught me that I am not very good at keeping them saturated and vibrant. I quickly get them dulled down. Now for Tim here, it suited him all right, so I am getting away with it. But in the future I wanna try this again, with a more vibrant color scheme.

I learned a lot from this process. Will definitely do it again some day. Gonna be good though, returning to my entire paint range.

Hang on!…That’s not a troll!!!

So, since he did travel in a tiny black box with a troll/ogre, I decided to pop Watson into this project. I guess having tea and biscuits across the pond, with a big, burly, bitter dude will at least qualify him as Honorary Troll Member.
He was an absolute joy to paint. I took inspiration from the old BBC series, with Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes and Edward Hardwicke as Watson. They are still my favorite duo <3.  Also, it gave me the perfect excuse to rewatch the show 🙂

Thank you so so much @avernos for letting me paint this lil guy. Loved every minute of it ❤

Edward Hardwicke as Dr. Watson

I decided he was standing in some flowery english field. Perfect excuse to try those ‘flowers’ I just bought. They were a lil’ stark right out of the box, so I added some wash to the base and some drybrushing to the top. Think it made it blend better into the ground.

I’ve primarily used Scale75 colors, but will note when I’ve used another brand:

Skin: Basic Flesh, Reikland Fleshshade (Citadel), Basic Flesh, Light Skin
Shirt: Nacar, White Sands, Titanium White (PRIMAcryl)
Trousers and vest: Dunkelgrau Gray, Nuln Oil (Citadel), Dunkelgrau Gray + Nacar
Gun: Flat Black, Flat Black + Nacar
Shoes, Baton: SS Camo Dark Brown, SS Camo Dark Brown + Nacar
Buttons: Retributor Armor (Citadel)
Beard: Brown Gray, Nuln Oil, Brown Gray + White Sands
Ground: SS Camo Gray, Petroleum Gray, Agrax Earthshade (Citadel), Nuln Oil (Citadel), Athonian Camoshade (Citadel).

This pic shows off the white somewhat better.