All da cubez

All the cubes painted ❤ There’s so much variety in the types of cubes, I’m both amazed and a little confused. Not in a bad way though. Almost all of them have been a joy to paint. Even the ones I thought would be somewhat boring. Cause after all…it is ‘just cubes’. The sculpted details and the quirky faces really added a lot to the painting process.

I do claim all the cubes are painted, but that’s not quite true. Cause there’s two of each cube in the game. One for the board. And one for you to spin and rotate in your hand, to figure out your next move. I don’t think I’ll be painting that second lot though…not just yet anyway 😉


Last of the cubes, Nim the Air Elemental. And probably the one I wanna play the most. This was fairly simpel in terms of details, compared to many of the other cubes. And I rushed him even more than the others. (The entire project was done somewhat fast and furious, to get them on the table). Nevertheless it’s the model sculpt I like the most.

As always mostly Scalecolors used, unless otherwise noted.

Grey/Blues: Abyssal Blue, Violet Grey (Artist), Artic Blue
Metal: Black Metal, Heavy Metal
Wash: Nuln Oil (GW) + Drakenhoff Nightshade (GW)

Light Blues: Artic Blue, White


The water elemental cube. Once again, some really cute details hidden everywhere. To add some glittery, different effect to her, I’ve used some Winsor & Newton Iridescent Medium. It’s actually meant for water colours, and it is quite chunky. But the latter part was exactly what I wanted for this cube. Something that gave this flaky, magical look. It’s been used on the trident, shell and star.

As always mostly Scalecolors used:

Water: Cantabric Blue, Adriatic Blue, Carribean Blue, Artic Blue, White
Orange: Tiamat Orange, Orcish Dermish, Ishtar Pink, White
Q Sign: Spring Green, Artic Blue
Pearls: Pale Skin, White, White Alchemy
Metal: Black Metal, Nuln Oil (GW), Heavy Metal

Captain Zozo

Back when the kickstarter was running, this one really caught my attention. It was so beautifully painted. Mine is nowhere near as good, BUT…he was definitely as fun to paint as I had expected. A pirate parrot cube! What’s not to love?

As always, mostly Scalecolor used unless otherwise noted.

Blue: Troglodyte Blue (Army Painter), Tesla Blue, Sky Blue
Reds: Blood Red, Antares Red, Aldebaran Red
Black: Petroleum Grey, Flat Black, Rainey Grey
Leather: SS Camo Dark Brown, SS Camo Golden Brown
Orange feathers: Aldebaran Red, Orange Leather, Sol Yellow
Wood: Brown Leather, Orange Leather, Sol Yellow
Cloth: Violet Grey (Scales Artist), White
White Feathers: White, Nuln Oil (GW), Birch, White
Yellows: Sol Yellow, SS Camo MEdium Brown, Sol Yellow, Tenere Yellow

Mayor Trixie

Probably the cube I was least interested in painting. She was great fun still, though. That little clock in her right hand is such a cute detail.

As always it’s mostly Scalecolors I’ve used.

Blue: Troglodyte Blue (Army Painter), Tesla Blue, Sky Blue, Arctic Blue
Shoes: SS Camo Dark Brown, Iroko
Light Skin: SS Camo Highlights, Sand Yellow, White Sands
Leather: SS Camo Red BRown, Agrax Earthshade (GW), SS Camo Red Brown + Sand Yellow
Red: Blood Red, Sand Yellow
Hair: Orange Leather, Mars Orange
Pink: Orcish Dermish, Mojave White
Purple: Fuchsia, Mojave White


I wasn’t too keen on painting Aard actually. He looked boring. But when I started painting him, I really liked the process. He’s such a cute cube.

Stone: Rainy Grey, Brown Grey, Camo Grey Brown, Field Grey, Agrax Earthshade(GW), SS Camo Top Lights
Dark Leaves: Ardennes Green, Althonian Camoshade(GW), Ardennes Green, Sherwood Green
Light Leaves: Light Moss Green, Biel-Tan Green(GW) + Seraphim Sepia(GW), Sherwood Green
Mushrooms: Naples Yellow, Inktense Ochre, Naples Yellow + Vanilla White
Wood: SS Camo Grey, Agrax Earthshade(GW), Vanilla White

Aang Min

Now that the Dwarrens are all done, I have returned to the cubes 🙂 First one finished this time round was Aang.

As always paints are Scalecolor unless otherwise noted:

Brown fur: Red Leather, REd Leather + SS Camo Dark Green + Flat Black, Red Leather + Sandalwood
Orange: Mars Orange, Mars Orange + Brown Leather, Mars Orange + Sol Yellow
Purple: Sunset Purple, Scarlet Purple + Pale Skin
Wood: Walnut, Agrax Earthshade (GW), Walnut + Pale Skin
Leather: Dunkelbraun Brown, Agrax Earthshade (GW), Dunkelbraun Briwn + Pale Skin
Blue: Cantabrie Blue, Cantabrie Blue + White

Pinky Schweets

Another totally cute cube. And once again, just tons of fun to paint. I’m probably spending more time on these than I realize, cause I am enjoying painting them so much. Still, didn’t take me more than an evening and that is really quick for me.

Paint recipe (as always mostly Scale75 unless otherwise noted):
Mouth: Indian Shadow, Carroburg Crimson(GW), Indian Shadow + Moonray Flesh
Pink: Fuchsia, Moonray Flesh
Yellow: SS Camo Highlights, Moonray Flesh
Red/White: Antares Red/Moonray Flesh
Greens: Spring Green, Moonray Flesh
Blues: Caribean Blue, Moonray Flesh
Light Teal: Surfer Orc Flesh, Moonray Flesh
Wood: Gelbraun Brown, Agrax Earthshade(GW)

Techsie Sprocket

I’ll most likely be playing with Techsie quite a lot. Not because of her special Q power, but simply because I just love her. She’s so happy she’s almost beaming 😀

I used quite a lot of GW paints on her, will note it. Otherwise it’s Scale75 for the most part.

Paint recipe:
Greens: Field Gray + Arctic Blue 50/50
Inside sprockets: Eclipse Grey, Ocean Grey, Nuln Oil(GW), Titanium White(Schmincke)
Bronze: Blathasar Gold(GW), Argrax Earthshade(GW)
Gold: Retributor Armor(GW), Reikland Flehsshade(GW)
Silver: Leadblecher(GW), Nuln Oil(GW)
Flame: Titanium White(Schmincke), Sol yellow, Mars Orange, Aldebaran Red
Flower: Ardennes Green, Sherwood Green, Fuchsia, Titanium White(Schmincke), Eclipse Grey