Captain Banana Spear and his Watergang

I’ve tried so many times. Boiling water, ice cold water, a short overnight sleep in the freezer. But the spear (and the axolotl’s sword) bends back every time. So I’ve stopped fighting it. Guess that’s what you get with Reaper minies. It’s a shame though. There’s some real sweet details on them (like the seahorses on Mr. Spears breastplate-thingy). Without further ado, I present Captain Banana Spear and his Watergang. If you can’t beat them, join them…I guess.

I have no idea what to use these for. None whatsoever. They were just too much fun not to paint them.

Paints used are Scale75 unless otherwise noted.

* Axolotl Skin: Birch, Creme White, Phoenix Egg
* Eyes: SS Camo Dark Brown
* Leather: SS Camo Gray Brown, Rage Brown, Rotten Puss
* Stitches: SS Camo Dark Brown, Birch
* Wood: Thar Brown, Strong Tone (Army Painter)
* Sword Handle: Leaden Sky, Blue Tone (Army Painter)
* Metal: Magnesium (Vallejo), Dark Tone (Army Painter) + Blue Tone (Army Painter), Dull Aluminium (Vallejo)
* Floppy Axolotl Ears (Maaaawh): Fey Pink (Army Painter), Pixie Pink (Army Painter)
* Shield Markings, Book, Cloak, Sword Sheathe: Carribean Blue, Blue Tone (Army Painter) + Water
* Otter Brown Fur: US Dark Brown, Strong Tone (Army Painter), Pearl Grey
* Otter Light Fur: Pearl Grey, Light Tone (Army Painter),
* Snoot (boop!): US Dark Brown + Flat Black, Pearl Grey
* Dark Leather: SS Camo Dark Brown, Dark Tone (Army Painter), Pearl Grey
* Reds: Deep Red, Soft Tone (Army Painter), Pearl Grey
* Clam Inside: Ishtar Pink, Light Tone (Army Painter), Titan Buff (Golden)
* Clam Outside: SS Camo Dark Shadow + Anthracite Grey, Titan Buff (Golden), Strong Tone (Army Painter)
* Pearl: Titan Buff (Golden), Alchemy White