JoA: Introduction characters

I’ve decided to paint the JoA figures as they are needed in the scenario book. And I am now done with all for the introduction scenario.

For the Hero, who was based on one of the sergeant at arms, I decided I really wanted his shield to look like the art on his card. But the shield has this beautiful sculpted details. So I had to fill out all that with plastic putty before painting the pattern. I am pretty pleased with the result, even though it tilts a little.

The guide is also the bear tamer, so I magnetized them all. This way he can be on his own, or with his bear. My Hero is magnetized too, so he can be with the sergeant at arms or by himself.

Paint recipies. As always mostly Scale75, or otherwise noted.

Priest and Merchant girl:

  • White: Mojave white, Light Tone (AP) + Water, White
  • REds: Rotbraun Primer Red + Blood Red, Strong Tone (AP)
  • Blues: Bering Blue, Blue Tone (AP), Mojave White
  • Yellows: Peanut Butter, Lillith Yellow
  • Leather: Brown Leather, Strong Tone (AP), Mojave White
  • Pink: Orcish Dermis, Flesh Wash (AP), Mojave White

Citizen & Blacksmith:

  • Robe: Shrapnel Red + Mayhem Red, Strong Tone (AP)
  • Orange: Tiamat Orange, Light Tone (AP) x 4, Peanut Butter
  • Trousers: Petroleum Grey, Dark Tone (AP)
  • Yellow: Sand Yellow, Light Tone (AP), Nacar, White

Bertrand du Guesclin

  • Metal: Thrash Metal, Dark Tone (AP), Speed Metal
  • Cloth: Mojave White, Light Tone (AP)
  • Red: Blood Red, Mojave White
  • Hair: SS Camo Dark Shadows, Dark Tone (AP), Mojave White


  • Cloth: Mojave White, Light Tone (AP), Caspian Blue, Blue Tone (AP), Mojave White
  • Shield: Aldebaran Red, Mars Orange + White, Slimer Green, Mojave White
  • Copper: True Copper, Strong Tone

Guide and Bears:

  • Bears: SS Camo Gray Brown, SS Camo Dark Brown, Strong Tone 8AP), Gelbraun Brown
  • Cloth: Rotbraun Red, Strong Tone (AP), Mojave White
  • Hood: Gelbraun Brown, Light Tone(AP), Mojave White
  • Wood: Sand Yellow, Inktense Wood, Gelbraun Brown + Mojave White


  • Cloth: Ardennes Green, Strong Tone (AP), Mojave White
  • Shawl: Rotbraun Red, Strong Tone (AP), Mojave Whiite
  • Hood: Mojave White, Light Tone
  • Trousers, Petroleum Grey, Dark Tone (AP)

Joergen <3 And other lesser creatures

Keeping with the pewdiepie theme for the farm animals, Joergen and Joergen 2 have now joined the forces 🙂 Quick and easy to paint.

Paint recipe (as always scale 75 unless otherwise noted)

  • Brown: Brown Leather, Strong Tone (AP); Brown Leather + Mojave White
  • White: Mojave White
    Black: SS Dunkelgelb 44, Dark Tone (AP)

Also got a few units done. 2 mounted bowmen and 2 sergeants-at-arms. I am still blown away with the sculpted details in these tiny tiny minies. Not that my pictures show that off really well. Bad lighting and a camera phone that is fighting me every step of the way will be todays excuses.

Paint recipe for Mounted Bowmen:

  • Dapple Horse: Graphite, Dark Tone (AP) + Quickshade Wash Mixing Medium (AP), Graphite + Nacar, White
  • Palomino Horse: Golden Skin, Light Tone (AP), Mojave White. Hoofs: Rainey Grey. Tail/Mane: Birch, White
  • Reds: Blood Red, Strong Tone (AP), Corpse Pale (AP), SS Camo Yellow Sand (for the rim on the tack)
  • White: Nacar, Flesh Wash (AP)
  • Blues: Caspian Blue, Dark Tone (AP), Nacar
  • Red Tunic: Rotbraun Primer Red, Strong Tone (AP), Moonray Flesh
  • Greens: Ardennes Green, Strong Tone (AP), Moonray Flesh
  • Leather: Brown Leather, Dark Tone (AP), SS Camo Yellow Sand
  • Bow: SS Camoe Yellow Sand, Flesh Wash (AP), White Sands
  • Feathers: White Sand, Flesh Wash (AP), White
  • Wood: Walnut, Strong Tone (AP), White Sands
  • Gold: Viking Gold, Strong Tone (AP), Elven Gold
  • Silver: Thrash Metal, Dakr Tone (AP)

Paint recipe for Sergeant-At-Arms

  • Green Tunic: Ardennes Green, Strong Tone (AP), Sand Yellow
  • Red Tunic: Rotbraun Primer Red, Strong Tone (AP), Sand Yellow
  • Yellow Tunic: Sand Yellow, Flesh Wash (AP), Mojave White
  • Trousers: Petroleum Grey, Dark Tone (AP)
  • Leather: Brown Leather, Strong Tone (AP)
  • Silver: Thrash Metal, Dark Tone (AP)
  • Gold: Viking Gold, Strong Tone (AP), Elven Gold
  • Blood Red and Caspian Blue for the shields

More terrain and some Mounted Knights….Deja Vu

Seems this weeks worth of JoA painting is pretty much the same as last weeks. 2 units of mounted knights and some terrain. This time Watersheep and Sven has made their appareance ❤

Two new horse colors. Mostly painted with Scale75 colors, unless otherwise noted:

Black Horse: SS Dunkelgelb 44, Nuln Oil (GW), Nacar/Birch
Grey Hors: Graphite, Nuln Oil (GW), Nacar/Birch

The white on the sheeps and Sven is Birch, watered down Nuln Oil and white for highlights. The black for Watersheep is the same as the black horse. There’s a little Ishtar Pink on Svens nose area.

More terrain and some Mounted Knights

My goal for this week was getting 4 units of Mounted Knights. I severely underestimated how much I wanted to get the details on the tack right. So I got 2 done. Out of a total of 8. Gonna be a long journey 😀 The pictures are a bit washed out, so there’s no depth to the white horse. Which is a shame, cause I actually like the color combination of Birch and white.

The terrain is painted using the same colors as the houses and trees below, so not listing them here. The mounted knights recipe is and as always, mostly Scale75 unless otherwise noted):

  • White Horse: Birch, White, Ishtar Pnk. Hoofs: Rainey Grey
  • Dark Brown Horse: SS Camo Dark Brown, Nuln Oul (GW), Brown Leather. Hoofs: Flat Black. Tail: SS Dunkelgelb 44, Nuln Oil (GW), Nacar
  • Chestnut Horse: RotbraunPrimer Red, Mid Brown (AP), Birch. Hoofs: Flat Black + Birch
  • Brown Horse: Brown Leather: Strong Tone (AP), Birch. Hoofs: Flat Black. Tail: SS Dunkelgelb 44, Nuln Oil, Nacar
  • Yellow Cloth: Peanut Butter, Lilith Yellow
  • Blue Cloth: Arianrhod Blue, Blue Tone (AP), Amarth Blue
  • Saddle Blanket: Petroleum Grey, Nuln Oil (GW), Nacar
  • Saddle: SS Camo Red Brown, Strong Tone (AP), Nacar
  • Lance: Walnut, Agrax Earthshade (GW)
  • Metal: Gun Metal (AP), Nuln Oil (GW), Shining Silver (AP)

Demonic Legion

This wasn’t my ‘natural’ next choice. I am really wanting to do some of the mounted knights. But since they were out of their little bag after a game of The Devil of Avignon, I thought it better to get them glued to bases, so they didn’t dissapear.

To give the base a little structure and hide the ‘rings’ I covered it in a thin layer of modeling paste. Since it has just a little bit of grit to it, it really works well for this scale.

As always Scale 75 colors, unless otherwise noted:

  • Skin: Skeleton Bone (AP), Flesh Wash (AP), Moonray Flesh, Light Tone (AP), Nuln Oil (GW)
  • Cloth: Blood Red, Strong Tone (AP), Mars Orange
  • Belt: Dunkelbraun Brown, Strong Tone (AP), Birch
  • Green Fire: SS Camo Medium Green, SS Camo Light Green, Tenere Yellow
  • Horns: SS Dunkelgelb 44, Birch
  • Hair: Birch, White
  • Base: Flat Black, Blood Red, Mars Orange, Sol Yellow White

Terrain pieces

The little houses that comes with the core box alone, are so incredibly beautiful. The amount of details. The design. Just absolutely gorgeous. The trees are great too. And I love the fact they come pre-colored. That said, I am still painting them up. Adding just that little extra. But you really don’t have to.

As always, mostly Scale75 colors unless otherwise noted:

  • Small house bricks: Rainey Grey, Nuln Oil (GW), Birch
  • Big house bricks: Rotbraun Red, Agrax Earthshade (GW), Mars Orange
  • Wood: Walnut, Agrax Earthshade (GW), Birch
  • Doors: Dunkelbraun Brown, Nuln Oil (GW), SS Camo Ocher Brown
  • Windows: SS Camo Top Lights, Birch, Light Tone (AP)
  • Roof: Graphene Gray, Nuln Oil (GW), Dunkelgrau Grey
  • Plaster: Birch, Light Tone (AP), Nacar
  • Tree Trunks: Walnut, Agrax Earthshade (GW), Birch
  • Leaves: American Olive, Athonian Camoshade (GW), SS Camo Light Green
  • Stones: Graphene Grey, Nuln Oil (GW), Birch


Dinnerbone! ❤ So my daughter and I are watching Pewdiepies playthrough of minecraft together. Loving it so much, she even gifted me the Sven tshirt. Obviously when I saw the Death mini, I just had to paint it. Cause it’s Dinnerbone!!!

So this is actually the first mini I started to paint. Going back and forth between this and the tiny tiny bowmen. And what a mini to paint! So many fun details. Even in places where you’ll never see them (like the ribs on the horse, but they’re hidden behind Death’s cloak). Absolutely beautiful.

I wanted the base to look dead. Like everything would just wither and die when this lovely fellow rode by. So used some Army Painter grey flock, which I have no idea why I bought back in the day. But it found its use today. So YAY! The dead plants won’t last. They’ll break off, cause they’re incredibly brittle. Once they do, I’m gonna add some kind of withered brown-black tufts instead. But for his photoshoot, I really wanted to set the scene.

As always, it’s mostly Scale75 colors I’ve used, unless otherwise noted:

  • Horse skin: Thar Brown, White Sands
  • Skeleton: Thar Brown, Flesh Wash (AP), White Sands
  • Hourglass glass: Artic Blue, White
  • Hourglass Sand: Dunkelbraun Brown, Blood Red, Ishtar Pink
  • Robe: SS camo Shadows, SS Dunkelgelb 44, Artic Blue
  • Mane/Tail: Mojave White, White
  • Mouth: Ishtar Pink + Birch, Flesh Wash (AP) + Red Tone (AP)
  • Tongue: Landoni’s Grey + Birch, Red Tone (AP)
  • Rope: SS Camo Gray Brown, Strong Tone (AP), Thar Brown
  • Boils: Red Tone (AP), Purple Tone (AP), Flesh Wash (AP)
  • Hourglass Metal: Gun Metal (AP), Dark Tone (AP) x 2, Shining Silver (AP)
  • Wood: Rainy Grey, Inktense Wood, Rainy Gray + Thar Brown
  • Hooves: Rainy Grey, Dark Tone (AP) Rainy Grey + White
  • Scythe: Gun Metal (AP), Strong Tone (AP) x 2, Bosh Chestnut, Tiamat Orange, Shining Silver (AP)

Pewdiepies Dinnerbone

Basing Material

Shamelessly copied @avernos idea of premixing basing material. Normally I like to fiddle around and make the bases somewhat ‘unique-ish’. But with this many figures needing colors and basing, I wanted a quick and easy way to apply that. So here’s what I did:

  • I didn’t have fine sand in the right color. So mixed some Warlord’s Desert Sand with Army Painters Werewolf Fur and a tiny bit of Cultist Robe. And left that to dry overnight
  • Years ago I raided the local playground for sand (this has been baked at quite a high temperature for, I think 3 hours, to make it as ‘clean’ as possible). Added a little bit of this into the colored Desert Sand, to add some rougher textures. Did what I could to avoid the ‘bigger stones’. For 15mm they quickly look huge.
  • Dropped in a fair bit of 4Grounds Spring Static Grass.
  • Since I want this to have a sprintime/early summer feel, I also added in some Flower Soft*. This isn’t a product I’ve seen all that much in the Wargaming Community. But it is used in scrapbooking and card making world. It’s essentially blended up, colored foam. So you could make it yourself. I just find it easier to buy, since it comes in a huge variety of colors. For this project I used a mix of whites, reds, oranges and greens. As a side note, adding glue to the top of your tufts and dipping it in flower soft, is an easy way to add flowers for your 28mm figures,
  • Last, before applying the mix to the bases, I coated the base in Vallejo’s European Mud. So if my mix doesn’t cover completely, the ground doesn’t look ‘off’.

*You can get flower soft of Ebay, from various craft stores etc. If you’re completely lost, here’s a link to an american store: But I would suggest you do a quick google search and see if there isn’t a store near you selling this, if you’d like to try it out.

Below is the end result, neatly tucked away in a little tub.

More bowmen

5 units of the bowmen done. Still have quite a few more to do, but will move on to other units.

As always it’s mostly Scale75 paints I’ve used, unless otherwise noted.

  • Skin: Basic Flesh, Flesh Wash (AP), Basic Flesh + Pale Skin
  • Red Tunics: Rotbraun Primer Red. Strong Tone (AP), Rotbraun Primer Red + Thar Brown. Sleeves: Thar Brown, White Sands. Neck Piece: Ardennes Green, Strong Tone (AP), Ardennes Green + White Sands
  • Yellow Tunics: Sand Yellow, Flesh Wash (AP), Sand Yellow + White Sands
  • Green and Tan Tunics: Tan: Thar Brown, Flesh Wash (AP), White Sands. Green: Ardennes Green, Strong Tone, Ardennes Green + Sand Yellow. Neck Piece: Petroleum Grey, Dark Tone (AP), Petroleum Grey + White Sands
  • Trousers: Petroleum Grey
  • Leather: Brown Leather, Dark Tone (AP), Brown Leather + SS Camo Yellow Sands
  • Helmet: Gun Metal (AP), Dark Tone (AP)
  • Bow: SS Camo Yellow Sands, Flesh Wash (AP), White Sands
  • Feathers: White Sands, Flesh Wash (AP), White
  • Base: SS Camo Dark Brown

Bowmen test piece

My ‘test piece’. Wanted to see how this looked, since I haven’t really worked with 15mm scale before. I am fairly happy with the result, though I could have done a better job with removing mold lines. In the end it came down to how much time I wanted to invest in these vs how soon I wanted a finished product on the table. (Still, it irks me a bit 🙂 ).