Westfalia Dude

He’s been done for a lil while. Pictures been taken a while ago too. Apparently I’m just too lazy getting my project updated. But here he is. Another absolute dream to paint. It’s not showing well on the pictures, but I used Vallejo’s Foam & Snow for the foamy part of the cup. It got a little paint too, cause it was just too brilliant white.

I believe he’s sculpted by Paul Hicks (thanks Gerr ❤ For the model and the help identifying him).

All paints are Scale75 unless otherwise noted (both scalecolour, fantasy & games and artist)
* Skin: Olive Green, Pink Flesh, Golden Flesh, Off White
* Trousers: SS Camo Shadows, Off White
* Green Cloth: Earth Green + Moss Green, Yellow Ochre, Golden Skin
* Leather: Burnt Skin, Yellow Ochre, Golden Skin, SS Camo Shadows
* Gold: Victorian Brass, Flesh Wash (Army Painter), Elven Gold
* Silver: Thrash Metal, Dark Tone + Blue Tone (Army Painter), Heavy Metal
* Gems: Vallejo’s The Shifters in Light Violet Green
* Hair: Burnt Sienna, Soft Tone (Army Painter), Yellow Ochre

Sorry for the not too great photo quality. I just really cannot get along with my expensive camera phone 🙁

Westfalia Female Fighter 01

I cannot stress enough, how amazing the Westfalia minies have been designed and scuplted. Pure joy to paint from start to finish. So much character. So many details. ❤

Paints are, as always, mostly Scale75, unless otherwise noted:

  • Eyes: SS Camo Dark Brown, Birch, SS Camo Italien Green + SS Camo Dark Brown
  • Skin: Undead Flesh, Pink Flesh, Light Skin, Sandalwood, Pale Skin, Orcish Dermis
  • Pants: Birch, Gelbraun Brown, Brown Grey, White Sands
  • Inside Cloak Fur: SS Dunkelgelb 44, Dubai Brown, Brown Grey
  • Ringmail Metal: Thrash Metal, Dark Tone (AP), Speed Metal
  • Leather: Arabic Shadow, Pale Skin, Brown Leather, Inktense Chestnut, Inktense Black
  • Plate Armor: Decayed Metal, SS Dunkelgelb 44, Victorian Brass
  • Fox Fur: Rotbraun Primer Red, Strong Tone (AP), Pale Skin, SS Dunkelgelb 44, Light Tone, Birch
  • Sword: Black Metal, Thrash Metal, Speed Metail
  • Feathers: Dubai Brown, SS DUnkelgelb 44, Thar Brown, Dark Tone (AP), SS Camo Grey
  • Wood: SS Camo Dark Grey, Dark Tone, Dunkelgrau Gray + Birch, Dark Earth Pigment (AK Interactive)

Westfalia Fencer

For some reason I just couldn’t get the camera to focus on this mini. A bit like when I fought Dunkeldorf’s Herman. My camera just wouldn’t focus on him either. So sorry for the somewhat blurry images. It was the best I could come up with.

That out of the way, another amazing mini. I  mean, she has little skulls as buttons! How cool is that.

As always it’s mostly Scale75 for paints, unless otherwise noted

Skin: Basic Flesh + Pale Skin, Flesh Wash (AP) + Water, Mojave White
Whites: Birch, White
Purple: Violet, Pastel Violet (Artist line)
Black: SS Dunkelgelb, White
Leather: Burnt Umber (Artist line), Yellow OChre (Artist line)
Skulls: Buff (artist line), Strong Tone (AP), White
Silver: Thrash Metal, Black Metal, Speed Metal
Bronze: Weapon Bronze (AP), Strong Tone x 2 (AP)
Hilt: Rotbraun Red
Hair: Gelbraun Brown, Mid Brown, Gelbraun Brown + Buff (Artist line)

2 characters in one

I had so many issues taking pictures of this young lady. For some reason there’s either a lot of ‘artifacts’ or she’s completely out of focus. Must be some spell she’s cast.

My daughter plays a Druid in a D&D 5th campaign and a Detective Cat in a Fate campaign. This mini has both , so decided to paint it up as her two characters. Though I forgot to give the kitten purple eyes. And the lightning symbol in the cats forehead could be a bit more clear.Will have to go back and correct that.

Edit: This beautiful mini s from Westfalia

As always Scale75 unless otherwise noted:

Skin: Basic Flesh, Reikland Fleshshade (GW), Basic Flesh, Birch
Trousers: SS Camo Grey, SS Camo Gray Brown, Birch
Leather: Brown Leather, SS Camo Dark Brown, Birch
Light Green: Olivegrun Green, SS Camo Top Lights
Dark Green: SS Camo Italien Green, Athonian Camoshade (GW), Olivegrun Green
Staff: Graphite, Inktense Wood, Birch
Hair: Orange Leather, Carroburg Crimson (GW), Agrax Earthshade (GW), Birch
Cat: SS Camo Shadows, Birch

Bardic fun

Not happy about the skin tones I chose. I am still experimenting with the Scale75 Artist colors. And this is not a combo I like. Other than that, I’m actually decently happy with the result. This mini was an absolute joy to paint. So many beautifully sculpted details.

Edit: This gorgeous mini is from Westfalia

Paints are Scale75 unless otherwise noted:

Skin: Pink Flesh (Artist), Vanilla White (Artist), Olive Green (Artist)
Eyes: Burnt Sienna Umber (Artist), Off White (Artist), Art Black (Artist)
Blues: Prusian Blue (Artist), Hiril Blue
White: Nacar, White
Leather: Burnt Umber (Artist), Yellow Ochre (Artist)
Cloak: Eclipse Grey, Flat Black, Birch, True Copper (AP), Rainy Grey, Nuln Oil (GW)
Lute: Gelbraun Brown, Agrax Earthshade (GW), Birch
Stone: Rainy Grey, Nuln Oil (GW), Agrax Earthshade (GW)
Hair: Orange Leather, Agrax Earthshade (GW), Carroburg Crimson (GW), Birch
Base: Astrogranite (GW), Eclipse Grey, Burnt Sienna Umber (Artist)