The beginnings

I’m seriously a newb when it comes to WW2. What little I know, is from the history lessons 25-30 years ago, in school. An they had a distinct ‘danish’ view to what happened and why. I wanna know more. Understand more. And I wanna have fun at the same time. So I’m jumping into Bolt Action. Hoping it will be a great way to know more.

It’s quite a daunting task, cause I seriously know nothing. Don’t know the weapons, the equipment, the colors. So I can only improve from here 🙂

Since Denmark was ‘at war’ (for 6 hours I think. We were the country to capitulate the fastest during WW2 :p) with the germans, I’ve chosen to play ‘our enemies’. To focus on their side to begin with.

Starting Survivors

Most of the paints used will be Scale75s range, unless otherwise noted. I really like their mat quality and blending capabilities.

Pale Skin, White Sands, White

Eclipse Grey (metal parts), White Sands (as base for yellow colors), Sahara Yellow (glazed over the white sands base), Mephiston Red (GW paint, ribbons) + a little white for highlights

Founding Stone/Stone Faces on base
Stormvermin Fur (GW paint), Nuln Oil (GW paint), Pallid Wych Flesh (GW paint)

Female Survivor 01 – Lucy
Skin: Arabic Shadow (base), Basic Flesh, Basic Flesh + Light Skin, Light Skin
Hair: Gobi Brown, Sahara Yellow, White Sands

Female Survivor 02 – Erza
Skin: Arabic Shadow, Basic Flesh, Basic Flesh + Light Skin + a little Pale Skin
Hair: Bosh Chestnut, Agrax Earthshade (GW paint), Bosh Chestnut + Chink Orange, Chink Orange, Chink Orange + Light Skin

Male Survivor 01 – Zachary
Skin: Arabic Shadow, Pink Flesh, Pink Flesh + Basic Flesh, Basic Flesh
Hair: I’ve lost my notes for the hair, but I believe it’s Eclipse Grey mixed in with White in various stages

Male Survivor 02 – Allister
Skin: Nacar + Arctic Blue (deep base color), Golden Skin (base), Light Skin, Light Skin + pale Skin
Hair: Sharpnel Red, Chink Orange, Peanut Butter, Sahara Yellow, Agrax Earthshade (GW paint)

“Bit late to be wandering around, isn’t it?”

Late to this game. Honestly never thought I’d find me here. And those that know how disappointed I was with the Fallout Wasteland Warfare minies, will be quite surprised by this. Cause I kinda swore I’d never buy another Modiphius game ever again.

But here I am. A friend of mine was playing it, so I asked him about the quality of the figures. Which is what put me off the Fallout ones. Now, I only ever got the PVC ones for Fallout. But they’re in such a miserable state, of bending and warping, many of them can’t even stand up right. And no amount of hot water/ice water has been able to ‘stretch’ them out again. They keep bending back to ‘original’. Which makes them completely useless. And thus my dislike for the company.

My friend, however, told me there were no PVC minies in Skyrim. And he had both hard plastic and resin minies, that all looked quite nice. Then I realised Mark Latham had written the game. And Gerr’s been talking him up quite a bit. So here I am. Diving into Skyrim.

Not like I haven’t already spend 300+ hours in the pc game….

The rules seemed like a given. Since I am mostly gonna play this solo, the Bleak Falls Barrow was a good place to start. Yields me one Dragonborn and 7 enemies to play with.