Building the Palanquin

I couldn’t find any instruction files for building the Palanquin. It’s not that difficult really, but in case anyone can use it, here’s how I went about it.

A – The seat. Super simple, just glue A1 + A2 + A3 on top of each other. A1 and A2 align easily on top of each other. For A3, align it to the back, but so the little ‘tab’ is still free.

B – The frame I start by bending the lower part of B3. Doing this now will make your life so much easier later on.

Then I glue one of the sides to B3. Doesn’t really matter which one. Then follow up with the seat. Not much to note here, other than make sure the nicely detailed ‘cushion’ of the seat is up :). Last I add the other side of the frame.

D – Back details. Not entirely sure if this should be aligned with the seat or a little above. But I like it best down at the seat, so that’s what I did.

C – the bottom. Glue the two bottom pieces back to back, so the details are showing on both sides. This way, if you want to ‘topple over’ the palanquin, it will show some nice details on the bottom, while still retaining the same pretiness on the inside.

E – Front frame. Last piece of the frame. Just get the details on the front and you’re good.

F – Details. Again, super easy, barely an inconveinience. I added the two sides first, then the front and lastly the back. But honestly the order of which you do this doesn’t matter. I’m a little dissapointed the front doesn’t cover up where the frame has been glued together. So I think I’m gonna add a layer of plastic putty or something, to make it more smooth.

G – Handlebars. Glue two and two together, making sure any details are always on the outside, so they can be seen from any angle. I glued them on just below the window details. Didn’t want to cover that up. Again, not entirely sure that’s the right place. But it works for me.

H – the roof Last is the roof. I will carefully bend it into shape, but I won’t glue it on until the insides of the palanquin has been painted.