Summer Vacation Linus

I love and adore Linus. And not just because he bears my name. I seriously love the figure in and off itself. So I might have bought quite a few of him. And while he looks absolutely stunning in his original form, here’s the guy going off on summer vacation. Even servants need a little time off now and then.

And not only is he standing there, enjoying the soft cool breeze, drinking something alcoholic. He is also waiting for his date to show……

Didn’t do much to him really. Sculpted a hat out of green stuff, cut off the candle and glued on a tiny glass. Which has broken off so many times it now sits wonky. But I’m putting that down to Linus being drunk. Lastly I drilled away the keys, and added some flowers. Pretty pleased with how he ended up. Quite annoyed with hos difficult it was to take a picture of his face. Think the shadows from the hat just completely messed up my phones capabilities to do a decent job.

Also, yes, it is fully intentional that he has a quite unhealthy skin tone. He’s slowly developing a background story here, and that plays a part of it.