Johannes, Uwe and some Dunkelshelf changes

Yeah, I know. Johannes is missing an arm (and a really nice torch, attached to that arm). I wanted to paint her sub-assembly style. So told myself, I’ll just put that arm right over there. Now, it’s not like the arm is missing. I mean…it’s right there. It’s just that I no longer remember where there is (to quote Terry Pratchet). Still, she’s such an amazing figure (look at those details, wow!), even without her arm. So decided to finish her. Right now I’m toying with the idea of either ordering an extra Johannes and get her, her arm. Or maybe green sculpt some bandages on her, to make it look like she’s simply missing that arm.

Uwe is pretty straight forward. But so much fun to paint. Wanted him colourful, but at the same time, his clothes shouldn’t look straight out the seamstress’ shop. The coulours are a little ‘washed out’ on the photo, making the cute seashells on his shoes blend in with his skintone. It’s a shame, cause in RL that detail is just perfect.

Got Hermans house painted up for the Dunkelshelf. And made some changes to the layout. That’s probably something I’ll do for as long as the shelf exists. Anyway, I moved the church into the background. Means you can no longer see the front door, where I liked some of the details. But you can see more of what’s going on back there, since it was blocking out a lot. Aaaaaand, I’m thinking with the church near the Prancing Peacock and the Dunkelshelf Slum area, the priests are where they’re needed (at least in their eyes). Sinners all around. Also added a walkway to the broken bridge. Like the feel of it being patched up like that. Moved the fountain to the front. Wanna play with some water effects on that one, so it would be a shame it was hidden in the background. And also now I have more space to play with the market area.

Paints used are Scale75 unless otherwise noted.

Skin: Basic Flesh, Flesh Wash (Army Painter), Pale Skin
Coat: Petroleum Grey, Dark Tone (Army Painter), Mojave White
Leather: Leather Brown, Basic Flesh, Mojave White, Petroleum Grey, Mid Brown (Army Painter)
Reds: Deep Red, Basic Flesh
Yellow Leather: Gelbraun Brown, Light one (Army Painter) x3, Birch
Feather: Thar Brown, Birch, Mojave White
Gold: Gold (Vallejo), Copper (Vallejo), Antique Gold (Green Stuff World)
Metai: Thrash Metal, Dark Tone (Army Painter), Heavy Metal
Wood: Walnut: Mid Brown (Army Painter), Graphite

Skin: Basic Flesh, Flesh Wash, Pale Skin
Shirt: Birch, White Sands
Trousers: Braineater Azure, Fairy Blood, Mojave White
Jacket: Deep Red, Basic Flesh, Birch, Health Red, Åetroleum Grey
Leather: Leather Brown, Basic Flesh, Mojave White, Petroleum Grey, Mid Brown (Army Painter)
Beard: Graphite, Dark Tone (Army Painter), Birch
Shell: Ishtar Pink, Light Tone (Army Painter), Birch
Bone: Thar Brown, Light Tone (Army Painter), Birch
Feathers: Surfer Orc Flesh, Undead Flesh, Tiamat Orange, Mediterranean Blue, Thar Brown, Birch, Mojave White
Gold: Gold (Vallejo), Copper (Vallejo), Antique Gold (Green Stuff World)
Metal: Thrash Metal, Dark Tone (Army Painter), Heavy Metal

Kingpin stretch goal: Jenny

The Kingpin kickstarter is going incredibly well, with so many stretch goals being unlocked super fast. Here I’ve painted one of the: Jenny, Lenny’s kid. She’s so cute, with that smirk on her face.  And teh fact that her pants are torn here and there, is such a great detail. Makes her feel so much more alive.

I’ve also painted some of the Dunkeldorf Botany pieces, but only used them as scatter pieces in these pictures. That said, It’s amazing how much some flower pots and bottles add to a scene.

The Kingpin of Dunkeldorf

The third kickstarter for Dunkeldorf is ongoing as I write this, and I’ve been gifted some of the amazing minies for this one. Now I’m a huge Dunkeldorf (and Kinggames) fan, but I truly think Nana and Nicki have outdone themselves this time. Every detail is cared for. Every figure having a ‘place’ in the universe. So great to see the people behind this moving from strength to strength.

I’ve been gifted with some of this kickstarters characters. And once again, they’ve been a pure joy to paint. From Sven’s facial expression, Lenny’s ‘casual’ pose, Barik’s amazing tummy to Mariks fierce smirk and Claudia’s beutiful crossbow. I’m in love ❤ And not sure I can ever do these beautiful characters justice. But that does not diminish my joy of painting them 🙂

Dunkeldorf – Prancing Peacock Gifts

I was gifted some early miniatures for the second Dunkeldorf Kickstarter. Beautiful sculpts, with great details and so so sooooo much character. I could go on about the high detail level, the fantastic customer service and the amazing people behind this project. But if you take away just one thing from Dunkeldorf, it should be that these are amazing miniatures in all their ‘normal-ness’. They have fat bellies, scars, hunched backs, drooping breasts. Their not ‘heroic adventures’, just people trying to carve a life for themselves in the town of Dunkeldorf. And I seriously love that ❤

Westfalia Dude

He’s been done for a lil while. Pictures been taken a while ago too. Apparently I’m just too lazy getting my project updated. But here he is. Another absolute dream to paint. It’s not showing well on the pictures, but I used Vallejo’s Foam & Snow for the foamy part of the cup. It got a little paint too, cause it was just too brilliant white.

I believe he’s sculpted by Paul Hicks (thanks Gerr ❤ For the model and the help identifying him).

All paints are Scale75 unless otherwise noted (both scalecolour, fantasy & games and artist)
* Skin: Olive Green, Pink Flesh, Golden Flesh, Off White
* Trousers: SS Camo Shadows, Off White
* Green Cloth: Earth Green + Moss Green, Yellow Ochre, Golden Skin
* Leather: Burnt Skin, Yellow Ochre, Golden Skin, SS Camo Shadows
* Gold: Victorian Brass, Flesh Wash (Army Painter), Elven Gold
* Silver: Thrash Metal, Dark Tone + Blue Tone (Army Painter), Heavy Metal
* Gems: Vallejo’s The Shifters in Light Violet Green
* Hair: Burnt Sienna, Soft Tone (Army Painter), Yellow Ochre

Sorry for the not too great photo quality. I just really cannot get along with my expensive camera phone 🙁

Westfalia Female Fighter 01

I cannot stress enough, how amazing the Westfalia minies have been designed and scuplted. Pure joy to paint from start to finish. So much character. So many details. ❤

Paints are, as always, mostly Scale75, unless otherwise noted:

  • Eyes: SS Camo Dark Brown, Birch, SS Camo Italien Green + SS Camo Dark Brown
  • Skin: Undead Flesh, Pink Flesh, Light Skin, Sandalwood, Pale Skin, Orcish Dermis
  • Pants: Birch, Gelbraun Brown, Brown Grey, White Sands
  • Inside Cloak Fur: SS Dunkelgelb 44, Dubai Brown, Brown Grey
  • Ringmail Metal: Thrash Metal, Dark Tone (AP), Speed Metal
  • Leather: Arabic Shadow, Pale Skin, Brown Leather, Inktense Chestnut, Inktense Black
  • Plate Armor: Decayed Metal, SS Dunkelgelb 44, Victorian Brass
  • Fox Fur: Rotbraun Primer Red, Strong Tone (AP), Pale Skin, SS Dunkelgelb 44, Light Tone, Birch
  • Sword: Black Metal, Thrash Metal, Speed Metail
  • Feathers: Dubai Brown, SS DUnkelgelb 44, Thar Brown, Dark Tone (AP), SS Camo Grey
  • Wood: SS Camo Dark Grey, Dark Tone, Dunkelgrau Gray + Birch, Dark Earth Pigment (AK Interactive)

Westfalia Fencer

For some reason I just couldn’t get the camera to focus on this mini. A bit like when I fought Dunkeldorf’s Herman. My camera just wouldn’t focus on him either. So sorry for the somewhat blurry images. It was the best I could come up with.

That out of the way, another amazing mini. I  mean, she has little skulls as buttons! How cool is that.

As always it’s mostly Scale75 for paints, unless otherwise noted

Skin: Basic Flesh + Pale Skin, Flesh Wash (AP) + Water, Mojave White
Whites: Birch, White
Purple: Violet, Pastel Violet (Artist line)
Black: SS Dunkelgelb, White
Leather: Burnt Umber (Artist line), Yellow OChre (Artist line)
Skulls: Buff (artist line), Strong Tone (AP), White
Silver: Thrash Metal, Black Metal, Speed Metal
Bronze: Weapon Bronze (AP), Strong Tone x 2 (AP)
Hilt: Rotbraun Red
Hair: Gelbraun Brown, Mid Brown, Gelbraun Brown + Buff (Artist line)

Rackham Inquisitor

I think I keep saying it, but these minies I’ve been gifted are just an absolute joy to paint <3. So well sculpted. So many beautiful details. And yet room to make them your own. This inquisitor was so much fun from start to finish, and I am pretty pleased with the end result.

As always Scale75 colors unless otherwise noted:

Green cloth: SS Camo Dark Brown, SS Camo Dark Green, SS Camo Light Green, Negro Gold, Reikland Fleshshade (GW)
Skin: Basic Flesh, Reikland Fleshshade (GW), Pale Skin
Leather: Burnt Sienna Umber (Artist line), Yellow Ochre (Artist line)
Paper: Buff (Artist Line), Mid Brown (Army Painter)
Stitches, Strings: Petroleum Grey, Nuln Oil (GW), Nacar
Armor: Thrash Metal, Nuln Oil x2 (GW)
Sword Hilt: Viking Gold, Agraz Earthshade (GW), Thrash Metal + Viking Gold
Skulls: Pale Skin, Seraphim Sepia (GW), Pale Skin + White
Blade runes: Waywatcher Green (GW)

I forgot to note the red colors, sorry :s

2 characters in one

I had so many issues taking pictures of this young lady. For some reason there’s either a lot of ‘artifacts’ or she’s completely out of focus. Must be some spell she’s cast.

My daughter plays a Druid in a D&D 5th campaign and a Detective Cat in a Fate campaign. This mini has both , so decided to paint it up as her two characters. Though I forgot to give the kitten purple eyes. And the lightning symbol in the cats forehead could be a bit more clear.Will have to go back and correct that.

Edit: This beautiful mini s from Westfalia

As always Scale75 unless otherwise noted:

Skin: Basic Flesh, Reikland Fleshshade (GW), Basic Flesh, Birch
Trousers: SS Camo Grey, SS Camo Gray Brown, Birch
Leather: Brown Leather, SS Camo Dark Brown, Birch
Light Green: Olivegrun Green, SS Camo Top Lights
Dark Green: SS Camo Italien Green, Athonian Camoshade (GW), Olivegrun Green
Staff: Graphite, Inktense Wood, Birch
Hair: Orange Leather, Carroburg Crimson (GW), Agrax Earthshade (GW), Birch
Cat: SS Camo Shadows, Birch

Bardic fun

Not happy about the skin tones I chose. I am still experimenting with the Scale75 Artist colors. And this is not a combo I like. Other than that, I’m actually decently happy with the result. This mini was an absolute joy to paint. So many beautifully sculpted details.

Edit: This gorgeous mini is from Westfalia

Paints are Scale75 unless otherwise noted:

Skin: Pink Flesh (Artist), Vanilla White (Artist), Olive Green (Artist)
Eyes: Burnt Sienna Umber (Artist), Off White (Artist), Art Black (Artist)
Blues: Prusian Blue (Artist), Hiril Blue
White: Nacar, White
Leather: Burnt Umber (Artist), Yellow Ochre (Artist)
Cloak: Eclipse Grey, Flat Black, Birch, True Copper (AP), Rainy Grey, Nuln Oil (GW)
Lute: Gelbraun Brown, Agrax Earthshade (GW), Birch
Stone: Rainy Grey, Nuln Oil (GW), Agrax Earthshade (GW)
Hair: Orange Leather, Agrax Earthshade (GW), Carroburg Crimson (GW), Birch
Base: Astrogranite (GW), Eclipse Grey, Burnt Sienna Umber (Artist)