Games, Games and more Games

Well…3 games at least 🙂 Mantic’s Kings of War Global Campaign was held this weekend, and that meant the nasty (and very hungry) Halflings invaded my Nightstalkers home, via the magic that is Universal Battle 2.

Granted I would prefer to play a ‘real’ game with ‘real’ miniatures. But UB2 is amazing for what it does. I had so much fun with all 3 games, even if….SPOILER….my poor Nightstalkers got beaten up, and their pumpkins smashed and blended into soup, in all 3 games.

Did some tiny (and not so tiny) adjustments to my 2000p list between the games. And I think I’m beginning to hone in on what I like and don’t like. Taking a bow for my Butcher Fleshripper was fun. But definitely not how I play.

We did record the first game. Which is very much just me asking noob questions, deploying like I have no idea what I’m doing (I don’t) and then moving them around like a madman (which I’m not. I’m a mad woman). It might see the light of day sometime.

Until then, I have a single screenshot of the very first game, fielding my Nightstalky Aura list. No screenshots at all for my second game, taking the team Night Night Nightstalkers to the table. And quite a few screenshots of the last game, fielding Pumpkin Revenge. Clearly they suck at this revenge business. Think the two horrors remaining on the table, have left the army and applied for jobs in the accounting industry.

Game 1 was on the Ethereal plane, Scenario Plunder
Game 2 was on the Material plane, Scenario Dominate
Game 3 was on the Abyssal plane, Scenario Loot

Game 3 Turn 1 – where my Nightstalkers still believed in a bright future for their children.

Game 3 Turn 2 – some butchers had forgotten their lunch, so they went home. And quite a few pups went missing near the woods.

Game 3 – Turn 3….maybe? We’re beginning to loose count already. Even though there’s fewer too count. The losses are real

Game 3 – Turn whatever. Froggo is dead. All the pups are dead. What is the meaning of anything anymore. We did eat some flyers though. Joke aside…at this point I thought I might still stand a chance. Had 2 out of 3 lootcounters and a scarecrow horde between the last loot counter and the halflings. It might be bloody and costly, but dammit we will not surrender. (SPOILER: We did surrender)

Game 3 – Turn something. Look! Turns are just an artificial construct anyway. Not like it’s a ‘real’ thing. We took a horde of nasty, evil halflings off the table. We can do it boys! Almost there. Just hang on to them loot counters.

Game 3 – Turn STAHP! “Just f***ing stahp counting turns, will ya. Besides, we’re outta here. Going to call my cousin Bill, see if he can still get me that job in accounting.” And the last two horrors nimbles away, never to be seen again