Ogre Warriors and paint recipe

Since most of the ogres are painted using the same colours, I’m just noting it once here, instead of with every unit type.

* Skin: Black Leather, Indian Shadow, Basic Flesh, Hykey Yellow
* Eyes: Birch, SS Camo Shadows
* Leather: Brown Leather, Strong Tone, SS Camo Medium Brown, Rainey Grey
* Cloth: Rainey Grey, Dark Tone, Hykey Yellow
* Metal: Thrash Metal, Dark Tone
* Loincloth: Olivegrun Green, Military Shader, Hykey Yellow
* Fur: SS Camo Shadows, Indian Shadows, Hykey Yellow
*Teeth: Thar Brown, Flesh Wash, Birch
* Brown Metal: Decayed metal, strong tone, Pure Copper
* Wood: Walnut, Strong Tone, Indian Shadow, Strong Tone, Basic Flesh