“I’m a true Nord. Simple as that.”

Stormcloak Skirmishers done. Actually they’ve been done for a while. I’ve just been really bad at getting around to taking pictures. Really fun to paint. The modeled details were quite good. Doesn’t leave much room to add your own touch to it, but it does make it a lot easier to decide how to paint them 😉

All paints are Scale75 unless otherwise noted.
* Skin: Basic Flesh, Flesh Wash (Army Painter), Hykey Yellow
* Leggings: Graphite Grey, Nacar
* Leather Tunic: Orange Leather, Strong Tone (Army Painter), Thar Brown, Red Leather
* Tabard: Bering Blue, Blue Tone (Army Painter) + Inktense White, Artic Blue
* Feathers: Blood Red, Strong Tone (Army Painter) + Health Red, Thar Brown
* Gold-ish: Victorian Brass, Strong Tone (Army Painter), Rotbrown Red + Hykey Yellow
* Silver: Thrash Metal, Dark Tone (Army Painter), Heavy Metal

“I used to be an adventurer like you. Then I took an arrow in the knee…”

The ‘getting started’ guide is quite nice for anyone unfamiliar with skirmish/war games. Helps you understand movement, shooting attacks and up close melee. Without having to read all the rules. Quick way to get something on the table and rolling some dice.

Now, the guide sets up 3 different scenarios, but I decided to mush them all together. Figured I’ve been around the block enough to find my way around.

Disclaimer: I did move some of the minies around, to get ‘prettier’ shots for this project, after the fact.

“I hope you’re finding the city in proper order, thane.”

I’m so guilty of painting a lot of minies, but never really getting around to the terrain. Decided to make a real effort this time, right from the get go. Used the quick start guide as a jump off point.

Made some 3 inch long walls out of some Reneda ruins I had lying around, cause there’s a specific call for that in the guide. Found a target dummy and some nice background stuff in a Mantic Crate. And then, threw myself at making foam ruins for the very first time. I think they turned out quite nice.

A few wip pictures, just because…

Getting the Reneda stuff layed out the way I want it, before guiling it to foamcore bases.
Mantic stuff and Reneda stuff on foamcore bases
Bricks, bricks and more bricks
The beginnings of a wall
Primed with a mix of plaster, glue, water and a random paint so I can see where I’ve been with the brush

“You hear that? I swear, there’s something out there. In the dark.”

Not a massive fan of assembling these. I’ve done enough KD:M to find my way around, and the ‘instructions’ were somewhat easy to follow for the most part. But I feel it could have been done better. Maybe I’m just daft.

Did seriously enjoy painting them though. The details are great. And it all feels very ‘Skyrim’-ish. Really hit the mood quite well.

All paints used are Scale75 unless otherwise noted.

* Skeleton Bone: Titan Buff (Golden), Soft Tone (Army Painter), Titan Buff (Golden) + Mojave White
* Wood: Walnut, Strong Tone (Army Painter) Thar Brown
* Undead Eyes: Flat Black, Mojave White, Cobalt Alchemy + Titan Buff (Golden), Guilliman Blue (GW)
* Metal: Tharsh Metal, Dark Tone, Heavy Metal
* Leather Strap on Quiver: Orange Leather, Strong Tone (Army Painter)
* Feathers: Sky Blue, Blue Tone (Army Painter) + Dark Tone (Army Painter), Mojave White
* Draugr Skin: Thar Brown, Flesh Wash (Army Painter), Pink Flesh + Pearl Grey + Thar Brown
* Leather: Rotbraun Red, Umber Wash (Vallejo), Hykey Yellow, Health Red
* Cloth on Draugr: Field Grey, Athonian Camoshade (GW), Field Grey + Hykey Yellow
* Draugr Swords (not Overlord): Thrash Metal, Dark Tone (Army Painter) + Strong Tone (Army Painter) + Flesh Wash (Army Painter), Bosh Chestnut, Chink Orange, Heavy Metal
* Fur on Draugr Overlord: Thar Brown + Walnut, Soft Tone, Thar Brown
* Draugr Belts: Petroleum Grey, Dark Tone (Army Painter), Hykey Yellow
* Dragonborn Skin: Basic Fles, Flesh Wash (Army Painter), Hykey Yellow
*Dragonborn Fur: SS CAmo Yellow Sand, Light Tone (Army Painter), Mojave White
*Strings: Walnut, Soft Tone (Army Painter), Hykey Yellow
* Scarbard: Walnut + Petroleum Grey, Umber Wash (Vallejo), Mojave White
* Horns: Thar Brown, Soft Tone (Army Painter), Strong Tone (Army Painter), Mojave White
* Gold: Victorian Brass, Stronmg Tone (Army Painter), Elven Gold

“Bit late to be wandering around, isn’t it?”

Late to this game. Honestly never thought I’d find me here. And those that know how disappointed I was with the Fallout Wasteland Warfare minies, will be quite surprised by this. Cause I kinda swore I’d never buy another Modiphius game ever again.

But here I am. A friend of mine was playing it, so I asked him about the quality of the figures. Which is what put me off the Fallout ones. Now, I only ever got the PVC ones for Fallout. But they’re in such a miserable state, of bending and warping, many of them can’t even stand up right. And no amount of hot water/ice water has been able to ‘stretch’ them out again. They keep bending back to ‘original’. Which makes them completely useless. And thus my dislike for the company.

My friend, however, told me there were no PVC minies in Skyrim. And he had both hard plastic and resin minies, that all looked quite nice. Then I realised Mark Latham had written the game. And Gerr’s been talking him up quite a bit. So here I am. Diving into Skyrim.

Not like I haven’t already spend 300+ hours in the pc game….

The rules seemed like a given. Since I am mostly gonna play this solo, the Bleak Falls Barrow was a good place to start. Yields me one Dragonborn and 7 enemies to play with.