Prancing Peacock opens

I believe this building was meant as a Butcher’s or Merchant or something. But I decided that my version of the Prancing Peacock has both an inside area and a ‘through the window’ bar. So people can sit outside and enjoy the very gloomy weather of Dunkeldorf 😀

Since it’s so easy to see the ‘insides’ of the building, at some point I’m gonna paint up the bar and some tables and chairs from the kickstarter. Add some interest to the floor.

The Streets of Dunkelshelf

There’s still a few things I’d like to add I think. Or do different. Like the sewers just have this back wall installed. Originally I wanted to make bars, and then paint the inside of those pieces black, so it would look like the sewer continued inwards. But I also wanted the streets to be done on a fairly quick schedule.

All pictures are taken with flash. I normally never do that, but I really wanted the ‘wet parts’ to show up. And the shelf is a fairly dark place. At some point I have to figure out how to get some light installed too. A project for future me. Anyway…flash makes everything look ‘harsher’.

Dunkelshelf Upgrade

Right from the get go, the ‘streets’ of my Dunkelshelf was meant to be build with sewers. It’s just quite the project, since I have never really build anything out of foam. And the foam I had on hand, was/is kinda crappy. Still used it though 😀

I For this project all I had was the before mentioned foam, some cardboard, a little bit of foam core, a glue gun and some toilet roll cardboard. Oh right…and also some cards from a game, that I’ve kept around. Cause why throw out good cardstock 😉

Not shown here, but I realised (after gluing the card-cobblestone on the top) that the top would warp and bend. So there’s also been added some strips of foam core to help keep the integrity of it all.

At some point I was contemplating having the ‘top layer’ be one of the Carnevale street modules. That idea was dropped again.

All street modules created. Double checking the height is right.

Cutting up the left over card from the JoA game, to use as some quick street stones. It does yield a quite shallow and clearly fake result. But definitely better than nothing.

Adding some texture paint to hide the cardboard, trying to show the difference on this picture.

Making the sewer a little more interesting.

Final result after paint, washes and pigments. I really like it. It’s not a work of art, but it’s durable, modular, can easily be used for other games and definitely add some fun to the Dunkelshelf.

Now to get the rest done 🙂

Hermans new home

Wasn’t happy with the two ‘pretty houses’ on my Dunkelshelf. And I needed the stairs down into the poor parts of my Dunkeldorf. So a quick shopping spree later

The two boring houses, that has now been torn down and the residents ‘relocated’ to make room for Hermans new home.

Due to the way the house is placed on the shelf, it’s kinda the more ‘boring’ side of the house that’s seen. Even once the ‘decorative cardstock’ is added, it still looks a little empty.

But one of the things I got in the Carnevale kickstarter was these extra windows. So I am adding one of these to the side (here it’s just attached with bluetack), to add more interest.

House in its place, but still without the cardstock details. Removing the two smaller houses also adds room for some more scatter pieces. I am considering a statue maybe.

Dunkeldorf Shelf: Above all else

Another of the ‘broken down’ buildings completed. No specific order I wanna do these in. This one was chose cause I wanted to use it for some of the Kingpin kickstarter pictures. Added one of the lanterns from teh Dunkeldorf 2 kickstarter.

Love this little terrace. Decided the window here was never in use, so vines has been ‘allowed’ to grow over the door.

I’ve raised the ‘better parts’ of the city. Wanting to give off the impression that the rich and mighty really do look down on the poor. Gonna replace the ‘bottom layer’ with foam later on. Wanna make it look like rough stones with a sewer pipe sticking out somewhere. But that is a project far into the future.

The newly finished building in it’s environment.

Turning this area into a market place. The walls ‘shielding’ the customers from the ‘dirt’ below. Stairs leading down will be added at a later point. And probably have a Dunkeldorf guard on watch duty just about there at all times.

I’m already regretting this, but I’ve also started to add ‘scatter’ pieces all over. To make it all come alive. It does make it a bit of a pain every time I want to do changes. But I don’t think this project will ever really be finished, and in the mean time it might as well look as fun and interesting as possible.

Project Dunkeldorf Shelf

I have a lot of Carnevale stuff. Like A lot a lot! But I never play Carnevale, so it’s just ‘there’. All glued together in boxes, unused and unloved.
I also have a lot of Dunkeldorf stuff. Like A lot a lot! But I don’t use minies in my rpg games, and I don’t have a skirmish game for them. So they’re in boxes, unused and unloved.

Which I think is quite silly.

So, introducing Project Dunkeldorf Shelf. Cleared out a whole shelf of board games, and started building a part of Dunkeldorf, Venetian Edition. I kinda like it. While I would have preferred the medieval look for the Dunkeldorfians, I think this actually works now.

Clearly it’s very much a work in progress. And it’s already changed from when I took these pictures, to writing this text. Parts of the town has been raised, buildings moved etc. And a short shopping list has been compiled (cause off course I have to go shopping for more stuff, like I wasn’t already drowning in mdf buildings).

Long term I wanna raise the entire city somewhat, have big sewer pipes coming out from under the city, spilling water into the canal. I want at least one of those to be big enough for some daylight-avoiding characters to lurk in.

I want some light above the town. Thinking adding some LED’s to the shelf above. And get a print somehow, of a background, to blend it in more. So it’s not just a ‘city on a shelf’.

The two ‘pretty buildings’ to the right will be changed for at least one nice big one, to be Herman’s residency. Stairs going from the various levels (now that part of the town is raised). Maybe some stairs leading down into the water perhaps.

The corner building in the back right is gonna be the Prancing Peacock. Since it has that big open ‘serving window’, I want the inside to be decorated with furniture and people too.

So not gonna get bored anytime soon, considering only one building so far has been painted 😀

More terrain and some Mounted Knights….Deja Vu

Seems this weeks worth of JoA painting is pretty much the same as last weeks. 2 units of mounted knights and some terrain. This time Watersheep and Sven has made their appareance ❤

Two new horse colors. Mostly painted with Scale75 colors, unless otherwise noted:

Black Horse: SS Dunkelgelb 44, Nuln Oil (GW), Nacar/Birch
Grey Hors: Graphite, Nuln Oil (GW), Nacar/Birch

The white on the sheeps and Sven is Birch, watered down Nuln Oil and white for highlights. The black for Watersheep is the same as the black horse. There’s a little Ishtar Pink on Svens nose area.

More terrain and some Mounted Knights

My goal for this week was getting 4 units of Mounted Knights. I severely underestimated how much I wanted to get the details on the tack right. So I got 2 done. Out of a total of 8. Gonna be a long journey 😀 The pictures are a bit washed out, so there’s no depth to the white horse. Which is a shame, cause I actually like the color combination of Birch and white.

The terrain is painted using the same colors as the houses and trees below, so not listing them here. The mounted knights recipe is and as always, mostly Scale75 unless otherwise noted):

  • White Horse: Birch, White, Ishtar Pnk. Hoofs: Rainey Grey
  • Dark Brown Horse: SS Camo Dark Brown, Nuln Oul (GW), Brown Leather. Hoofs: Flat Black. Tail: SS Dunkelgelb 44, Nuln Oil (GW), Nacar
  • Chestnut Horse: RotbraunPrimer Red, Mid Brown (AP), Birch. Hoofs: Flat Black + Birch
  • Brown Horse: Brown Leather: Strong Tone (AP), Birch. Hoofs: Flat Black. Tail: SS Dunkelgelb 44, Nuln Oil, Nacar
  • Yellow Cloth: Peanut Butter, Lilith Yellow
  • Blue Cloth: Arianrhod Blue, Blue Tone (AP), Amarth Blue
  • Saddle Blanket: Petroleum Grey, Nuln Oil (GW), Nacar
  • Saddle: SS Camo Red Brown, Strong Tone (AP), Nacar
  • Lance: Walnut, Agrax Earthshade (GW)
  • Metal: Gun Metal (AP), Nuln Oil (GW), Shining Silver (AP)

Terrain pieces

The little houses that comes with the core box alone, are so incredibly beautiful. The amount of details. The design. Just absolutely gorgeous. The trees are great too. And I love the fact they come pre-colored. That said, I am still painting them up. Adding just that little extra. But you really don’t have to.

As always, mostly Scale75 colors unless otherwise noted:

  • Small house bricks: Rainey Grey, Nuln Oil (GW), Birch
  • Big house bricks: Rotbraun Red, Agrax Earthshade (GW), Mars Orange
  • Wood: Walnut, Agrax Earthshade (GW), Birch
  • Doors: Dunkelbraun Brown, Nuln Oil (GW), SS Camo Ocher Brown
  • Windows: SS Camo Top Lights, Birch, Light Tone (AP)
  • Roof: Graphene Gray, Nuln Oil (GW), Dunkelgrau Grey
  • Plaster: Birch, Light Tone (AP), Nacar
  • Tree Trunks: Walnut, Agrax Earthshade (GW), Birch
  • Leaves: American Olive, Athonian Camoshade (GW), SS Camo Light Green
  • Stones: Graphene Grey, Nuln Oil (GW), Birch

“I hope you’re finding the city in proper order, thane.”

I’m so guilty of painting a lot of minies, but never really getting around to the terrain. Decided to make a real effort this time, right from the get go. Used the quick start guide as a jump off point.

Made some 3 inch long walls out of some Reneda ruins I had lying around, cause there’s a specific call for that in the guide. Found a target dummy and some nice background stuff in a Mantic Crate. And then, threw myself at making foam ruins for the very first time. I think they turned out quite nice.

A few wip pictures, just because…

Getting the Reneda stuff layed out the way I want it, before guiling it to foamcore bases.
Mantic stuff and Reneda stuff on foamcore bases
Bricks, bricks and more bricks
The beginnings of a wall
Primed with a mix of plaster, glue, water and a random paint so I can see where I’ve been with the brush