Dressed for Battle or Bar

As promised here’s some more pictures of the two mobs I’ve made for Gangs of Dunkeldorf so far. 3 more to go. And also some more gang members, including two pets. It’s a huge undertaking. Getting the rules into a playable state, making items and character cards. Getting them all painted. But it’s also a super fun process.

Please note that compared to my other Dunkeldorf stuff, I have started to paint these rather quickly. I have so many to paint and get ready, I decided ‘Fast & Furious’ was the way to go.

The Drunken Mob

The Gong Family

Emmerich the Hunter

Esther the Zealot

And some tiny pets. Really happy to have them in the game as well. Feels so ‘Dunkeldorfian’ that even the pets will fight you.

3 thoughts on “Dressed for Battle or Bar”

  1. They look good to me. I try to paint my figures as good as I can, but the most important for me is that they look good on my diorama.


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